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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

I never imagined that I would be so overwhelmed by the commitment of our young people who are attending our ACK Young Champions Workplace Training. They have an interest and enthusiasm around their new learning and their eagerness to progress certainly inspires me to support and develop their skills further.

Our mentors have trully overwhelmed me with their passion to format our initiative into something more creative and interactive. Their varies differing skills is like a breath of fresh air to me and not only are our young people learning, I am too.

So this journey that inspires me is certainly beginning, and it is moving in a direction that we maybe would have envisaged in years to come and certainly not now. Our vision is now a reality.
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Imagine that I would be blogging. Who would ever have thought it.

As I sit on the train coming back from a meeting in Aberdeen and looking out at the dreary weather I have time to reflect on ACK Young Champions.

Our second workplace training day yesterday enabled me to observe what was happening in our office and the interaction between mentors and the young people was professional, focused, motivational and  most importantly it was respectful, happy and warming to see.

I was hearing words such as timelines, corporate sponsorship, blogs, shorts, emails, support for charities and social enterprises, organising fundraising events and working towards becoming ACK Young Champions. Music to my ears.

Our dream and vision within ACK is now real, effective and changing the attitudes of our young people and our committed mentors.

I overheard a comment from one of our young people saying

“ACK Young Champions is here to help young people get more education on new things so we can get a better job when we are older”.

For me, this epitomises what we at ACK want to achieve. It inspires me so much when I see the eagerness of the young people and their mentors gaining new skills, working as a team, communicating as a team and listening to each other with such respect.

All these young people are looking for challenges and support to do this. I am honoured and humbled to work with ACK Young Champions. It’s utterly empowering